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Broiler News broiler farmer Bernard Wolters News

Monday, May 18, 20150 comments

Broiler farmer Bernard Wolters
A better climate for broilers from day one. In his search to replace existing lighting in his broiler houses Bernard Wolters selected ionization lamps by chance. Now he is delighted with this choice.
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Earn back in three rounds 
 The broiler farmer is visibly satisfied with the performance of the ionisation lamps and can list varying positive points. “The chickens are raised in a healthier climate with less ammonia and less dust. This definitely delivers benefits. During the first three rounds we established a continuous 1.5-2% decrease in mortality, spread over an entire round. As a consequence the total mortality per round is only 1.3-1.5%. We also have a clear impression that the flocks have better uniformity. And this reflects in a 1 to 3 points lower feed conversion. Less medication and a delivery weight which is at least 30-40 grams higher than in other houses count as other advantages.” 
Moreover, it does not only benefit the chickens, but also the caregivers who consider the air more pleasant.

The decision of broiler farmer Bernard Wolters’ (54) to use ionisation lamps was an unintended consequence of the transition of regular illumination lamps to the use of LED lamps in his houses. 
This liberated two out of four rows of lighting fixtures. Wolters: “The vendor of the company Freshlight-Agri, which installed the LED lamps suggested to place ionisation lamps in the released fittings. We treated it like a laughing matter at first, as at that time we had no idea what the function of those lamps could be.

Normal fitting, so easily placeable

Initially, at the beginning of 2014 in one house 42 ionisation lamps were placed in the present luminaires (about 55 m2 surface per lamp) with a production of 5 million units/m3/second each. The lamps have normal E27 fittings, making them easy to be installed. Next, weekly measuring’s were conducted in order to see the lamps’ actual effects.
Wolters: “The first results were incredible. The house’s climate was significantly better from day one. We measured a distinct difference in dust production compared to the other houses. We installed even more powerful lamps with a capacity of 25 million units per lamp. It is worth noting the lamps, as odd as it sounds, give no light. The lamps are continuously operational for 24 hours per day with approximately 0.6 Watt power consumption per lamp.”

Beneficial for environment and the poultry house

The fact that the poultry farmer was aware of the certain impact poultry houses have on the environment was an important reason for him to choose ionisation lamps. Wolters: “I want to contribute to the reduction of the impact, yet preferably by means of a system which is beneficial to the chickens as well. Not an air scrubber which is beneficial to the outside world, but a system that brings something positive to the house.
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